Foot Pain

Understanding Your Foot Pain

Next to pain in the back, foot pain is an issue that's impossible to ignore after a while. A study found that on average Americans take a little over 5,000 steps per day; when you take that many steps in a day it's certainly not normal or okay for all of them to be painful. Lincoln Park foot pain podiatrist Dr. Nimish Chokshi, DPM, makes it a point to ensure that his patients understand everything that they need to know about foot pain and how it can be relieved once and for all.

Causes of Foot Pain

Foot pain can come about for a number of reasons. If you play energetic sports or participate in a lot of high-level activity using your feet, the repetitive actions could create problems like heel spurs, shin splints and Plantar Fasciitis. Wearing poorly designed shoes can also lead to foot pain in the form of hammertoes, corns, bunions, flat feet and stress fractures. Seniors with arthritis and patients with uncontrolled diabetes sometimes experience foot pain.

Foot Therapies

There are a few different foot therapies that Dr. Chokshi offers at his Easton, PA office. Cortisone injections can help ease the discomfort. Guided stretching and exercises also helps with pain management. Dr. Chokshi will often prescribe custom orthotics to wear in the shoes to correct the feet. In serious cases, foot surgery may be necessary to remove hammertoes and bunions.

Accent Podiatry Associates, PC Foot Pain Solutions

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